About Me


|| Assalammualaikum... ||

Hai I'm Lynn. Honestly I'm the one who hard to comprehend. I prefer to be alone when I really need to...
I have my own stance and opinion that only me can understand the explanation. I don't like force, and people who like to judge and sentencing.

I'm study Bachelor of International Business (International Finance) with Honors. UMSKAL

I'm not a chocolate lover but I love Nips damn much..
My favorite color is dark brown and dark grey. Sometime, baby blue, soft green, mustard and dark purple.
I also love cheese (cheese cake especially).
I'm not crazy on fashion but I care. 
I fall in love with the minimal style, black and white, simple...
I'm prefer to wear sneaker and rarely with heels because I'm height enough...
Talk about place for travel..."off to Korea or Japan?" I'll said Australia. 
Then people asking me, what's special in Australia?
I'll answer them with my question, what's special about your favorite food?...
you can get my answer.
Actually, if I gets an opportunity to go to Korea or Japan, I still love to be there.

Nothing else I can share...
welcome people to be my honest friend...

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