Just to mention that I'm still exist.

April with love, happiness and peace.

Lama terdiam menyepi tanpa tulisan,
Memikir motivasi apa yang nak disuapkan dengan diri ini yang makin hari makin kurang motivasi.

I need to work professionally and I wish I could have a professional workmate who giving me inspiration day by day, who can motivate me and remind me once I forget; "niatkan kerja kerana Allah". I have so many idea that I need to discuss with someone but when I look around there is no perfect time. Huh don't mind, I just got my own stress.

I wish I'll giving something to myself next month. So,this month is month of planning. Let me start my 2019 on May...ok. //sigh//

I'm sorry to myself when I feel down and lose her.

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