Why I dreamed to be a psychiatrist

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Hi, its already 2019, and yey I'm congratulating myself for this first entry in 2019. (should I celebrate it with cup of coffee of  hot chocolate milk? nvm)

13 Jan already and I think it still not too late to wish you a happy new year (I guess haha) because I'm still stuck in my 2018's mind. -_- I assumed that I'm still in 30 days trial session of 2019. I need to 'pay' with more attention next month.

Ok done, stop membebel. I'm writing this entry right after I'm reading an article talking about a doctor who having depression. agak panjang juga artikel tu, hah here is the link : https://iiumc.com/doktor-yang-depresi/
So, again...I'll talk about this issue. I ever discuss this topic in my previous2 entries but today let me explain; why I love to talk about depression and hopefully, there is no misunderstanding on me. ^_^'

Someone ever asked me, why I recently post more about mental illness. "are you having depression?". She wondered. ^_^ ok first...I thank her for this question.Years ago, I've a friend who suffered with depression but I'm not study much about how to support her, then I make she misunderstood by words while I try to give her kind of motivation. Now, even I'm not with her, I know she is strong and I'll keep praying for her goodness. So, I post about mental illness is doesn't mean that I've depression, pray for not.

I start to make some research about mental illness just to understand more about people. In short, I do follow some Facebook pages and reading more articles related with this issue.

Why Facebook page?
Because here I can meet directly with people who have depression and anxiety disorder from all over the world. "Don't ever say you're understand their problem or situation". It's what I've learn. When I read all of their confession, I being so eager to comfort them but I'm still a 'student' who have no degree in psychiatrist. Takut salah teknik dalam memberi kata-kata semangat.

Berbalik kepada artikel mengenai doktor yang depresi tu, siapa ada masa terluang yang panjang dan rajin, baca la artikel dari link tu untuk belajar menjadi masyarakat yang memahami. Nowadays, memang tak dinafikan kesihatan mental memang perlu diberikan perhatian dan pengetahuan lebih kepada masyarakat. Mostly menganggap depresi ni gila. Mohon dihentikan pemikiran yang sedemikian. Maka saya di sini dengan semangat untuk membantu mereka melalui sokongan, 'love yourself'.

Actually, in whatever field of occupation you are, you might facing with stress, even you are a student, teacher, nurse, accountant, manager, police, and whatever....,we have our own stress level. I'm a preschool's teacher and I can't lie if I'm working without stress, it's sometime. To be in this job, isn't because I've no option. It is my choice. I studied Bachelor in International business but I choose to change my job direction because I realize what I want. I love teaching like its kind of job where I can give motivation or advice to people.

Whenever you've something mess in your mind, talk to Allah even we know that He already knows everything. Then, meet someone you can trust and talk about your problem, if it can't help you...then meet a psychiatrist. Don't afraid to meet them, you're not called crazy but you are a stronger than you know, you are the one who love yourself and whoever you are, I'm here loving you with my support.

Lastly, I'm giving you kind of ikhtiar to avoid or recover yourself from depression. Amalkan membaca Manzil. InsyaAllah, Allah lah penyembuh segala penyakit dan percayalah tiada masalah yang besar kerana kita ada Allah yang Maha Besar.

.....I'm sending you love, take care......

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