Oh! what I've done in early May....??

1:10 PM

Hi guys, here again! I'm in this site. Talking something that I shouldn't. I've many think. Overthinking in simple word. Actually, yeah I shouldn't talk about this thing, It's all about my stress. almost in depression, but I hate to say that I'm in depression. Its not good you know? (should minum air Yassin or air Ruqiah). In this case, I'm NOT IN DEPRESSION, I just having STRESS. So, this May is began with stressful days.

Ok, I'm not that 'clever' to jot down all my stress here right?. so, just let it go...I'm not going to talk about that. I'm quite relieved....

Before I start...I love to mention this;

"Bencilah perbuatannya dan bukan pelakunya"
So, It was like this,
I've friends....we're not too close for sharing about ourselves honestly....just assume we're friends. All of us rarely gathering together. I just know them almost 3 years. They have their own lifestyle....own personalities...own character...own thought...and everything about those I just need to respect without arguing. "I'm a weaker....I'm a weaker...."(singing in the water)

"Guys!! please covering your aurat..."
 "Stop dating...stop talking harsh words...stop cursing"
"Stop playing around with your words....stop this....stop that..."

I really can't talk like this to them.
I'm not hating them...I just hate their attitude...and of course I hate myself. Kenapa boleh tengok attitude orang tapi tak mampu nak tegur? why with me why?
I don't want to let them go with that way...they already know everything. They ever covering their aurat perfectly but then, change back again to their previous life for a reason:...."I don't want to be hypocrite"

So, what should I do? They know about that but ignore it....and I'm still in this responsibility :'(

One more thing...
Simple advice to others....
I'm begging to all my friends...
control you emotion...
control our happiness...even kita happy macam mana sekalipun try to not showing either it means or not to hurt others.
Jaga batas pergaulan kita, I've promise myself to not showing my crazy side to any guy, so I hope you don't drag me to be crazy. I can't control my craziness, so I begged for help...it sometimes happened. (Crazy that I mean is : make a super duper stupid joke, or story that make me laugh out of loud...fangirling etc). I'll start hating myself when I'm realize it happen. Silent is always right when I hate myself.

I need 18 years to just talk about friend because that is the period where I start having friends in my life. I'm a sensitive person. I hate a liar. Faker who fake in everything. (Better to stay away from me before I love you to be my friend). It was hurt you know? DAMN HURT!!!

Ok!! enough...I don't want to talk anymore!!!


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