When I talk...

12:55 PM

I love writing...it's my passion.
I love photoshop, do a lot of posters for my fanfic.
Rindu zaman tu...ligat tulis fanfic, while my brain keeps working with imagination.
I still love to do that.

I ever thought to give up my study,
staying in my room 24 hours, with my PC, idea, snacks, idea, PC, snacks, idea, snacks....
but it so stupid....but my brain is currently desire it....but it so stupid.....but my brain is currently desire it....but....but...
I wont give up, it almost end.
I don't need to think a lot, I just need time. I shouldn't thinks what time, I should said 'this time' when I got it for free.

Planing?...yes I need planing.

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