journey of life..I've no Idea about this entry

10:58 PM


I supposed to talk about my story as a trainee, right...'s being a long time ago, so...I lose my mood to talk about that.
What you've to know is, I've so much fun even in pain..*ok, deep meaning.

why I felt so awkward to write in this blog?. haah, maybe after 3 months I didn't babble and stops nonsense, I forgot how to start., I should talk about what?
I donno why I chose to update this blog today.

haa..ok, let's talk about my life journey.
oh...sounds uninteresting, but who care to read about that...right? ;)
ok, this 19 july I'll start my driving class...
seriously, aku takut nak ambil lesen, dah la aku still kosong, just tahu how to drive with gear 3, dah itu je yang ayah pernah ajar. how to change the gear? arrr, tu masih belum pass. hopefully I can do it better.
a few days ago, ada tengok C-CLOWN CTC VOL.1, yeah, the story about all my baby badut..,this ep shows Ray is asked about his driving lesson, haha Its funny. that kid try to talk in english but sounds funny. And then, when Rome asks Ray.."whats harder? english or driving" and he said "driving"..hah ,tengok dia menjerit msa drive, dah boleh tahu bertapa susahnya memandu tu dia rasa..haha harap aku tak macam dia nanti. *p/s : suka tengok siwoo tetibe muncul kat sebelah ray. his face xD entertain me.

ok, stop talking about that, I don't want to start back my old fangirling disease.
the second story is...
tahun ni tak dapat raya dengan laawly :( feeling so sad.
balik kampung...or raya with laawly...oh I've no option unless aku boleh bawak laawly ikut balik kampung..haaa but still, I've no option

then, I'm done, dah tak ada apa yang nak dikisahkan lagi, cukup la sampai sini, other times.. I'll find my babble skill, maybe I put it under my bed...

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